Around the world, members of our communities are being monitored, harassed, charged with crimes, and sentenced to jail, because we:

  • are living with HIV
  • use drugs
  • do sex work
  • have same-sex sexual relations
  • are trans, queer or gender non-conforming
  • seek sexual and reproductive health services, want to become pregnant, or breastfeed/chest feed while living with HIV

This is unfair! And it undermines the HIV response!

Criminalising the key population groups that are particularly vulnerable to HIV and frequently lack adequate access to services increases inequalities, fuels stigma and discrimination, exacerbates vulnerabilities to violence, and blocks access to prevention, testing, and treatment.

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Together, we are working towards decriminalisation — all over the world.

Governments are realising that to end AIDS, they must protect the human rights of everyone and decriminalise:

  • HIV non-disclosure, potential or perceived exposure, and unintentional transmission
  • drug use and possession of drugs for personal use
  • the profession of sex work
  • same-sex sexual relations
  • diverse gender identities and gender expressions
  • seek sexual and reproductive health services, wanting to become pregnant, and breastfeeding/chestfeeding while living with HIV

Communities are mobilising the support needed to change punitive laws.

Our champions

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John Jeffery
Deputy Minister of Justice
South Africa


Christine Stegling
Deputy Executive Director: Policy, Advocacy and Knowledge


Edwin Bernard
Executive Director
HIV Justice Network


Cedric Nininahazwe
Global Advocacy Manager